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Welcome to Boston Council's on-line forms. Please select the form you require.


Abandoned Vehicles Report

Form to report an abandoned vehicle


An enquiry form for a Boston Borough Council allotment plot


Anti-Social Behavior - Form to report complaint


Ask a Question about Housing & Council Tax Benefit?

Ask a Question about Revenues?

Ask a Question about Revenues?



Reporting Benefit Fraud


Comments for Budget 2014/15

Building Regularisation Application

Online form to submit Regularisation Application

Bulky Waste Collection Form

Online form to request a bulky waste collection



Online Individual Application for permission to hold a car boot sale


Contact the CCTV Manager


Online form to request a Release of CCTV Evidence Form


Best dressed Christmas shop window competition 2014

Comment on Planning Application

Should you wish to comment on a planning application, use this form.

Commercial Waste Collection Enquiry Form

Online to enquire about the collection of commercial waste.


Online report form if there has been a commercial waste spillage.

Community Trigger

A Community Trigger is the process where-by members of the community can request that the Anti-Social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference (ASBRAC) review the responses to their complaints of anti-social behaviour, if it is believed that no action has been taken.

(949) 270-7264

Online form to register your interest in becoming involved in council consultation.

Council Tax Change of Address Form

Please use this form to tell us if you have changed your address Or are new to the area and need to register for Council Tax.

(985) 787-7973

Online form to claim a discount or exemption from Council Tax


Use this form to pass on any comments you may have about the Geoff Moulder leisure complex including Creations

Cremated Remains Disposal - Change of Instruction

Application Form for Change of Instruction for the Disposal of Cremated Remains



Online Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 Application for the grant of a licence

Direct Debit Request For Geoff Moulder Leisure Pool

Online form to request to be sent a Direct debit form for The Geoff Moulder Leisure complex or Creations Health Club

Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration

Online form for disclosure of convictions and declaration

Dog Breeding Establishment Licence Application

Online Application for Licence to Keep a Dog Breeding Establishment


Report Dog Fouling Incident

Dog waste or litter bin needed to be emptied

Please use this form to report a dog waster or litter bin which needs to be emptied


Employment Land Review - Findings

Employment Land Review - Findings - November 2007


Printable form you to find out how to save 20% of the energy used in your home and help prevent climate change.

Environmental Crime Incident Report

Online form to report an environmental crime e.g. witnessing littering/dog fouling or flytipping

Environmental Health Online Enquiry

Online enquiry form for Environmental Health Issues


Online application to request an Estimated Earnings Certificate form to be completed by you and your employer



Send us your Feedback.


Online application for Rod Fishing licence. Link to Environment Agency website

Fitness Academy Application

Fitness Academy Application:- Gym Session

Flood Warning Questionnaire

EA - Flood warning Questionnaire

Floodline lottery

Sign up for the Floodline lottery

Fly Tipping Report

Report a incident of Fly Tipping

Food Premises Registration

Online form to register food premises to be used for a food business.


Ask a Question about Fraud?

Freedom of Information Act 2000- Information Request Form

Boston Borough Council Online form to make a request for information under Freedom of Information Act 2000


Fun Club Application Form for The Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex


Gaming Act 1968 S.34(1) Application for grant/renewal of permit for the use of machines for gaming

Gaming Act 1968 S.34(1) Application for grant/renewal of permit for the use of machines for gaming by way of amusement-with-prizes


Gaming Act 1968 S.34(5E) Application for grant/renewal of permit for the use of machines for gaming by way of amusement-with-prizes


Report to detail graffiti on council property


Link to external site- www.governmentfunding.org.uk, grants database


Green Business Event Registration Form

Green Waste

Green Waste register of interest


Hackney Carriage - Application for Vehicle Licence

Online Application for Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence

Householder Application

Online form to apply for be used for extensions and outbuildings for an existing dwelling on land within the garden area.

Housing & Council Tax Benefit Backdating Your Claim

Online form to request Housing & Council Tax Benefit claims backdating

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit Change of Circumstances

change of circumstances form

Housing Disrepair Complaint Form

Online form for tenants to report a Housing Disrepair Complaint

Housing Registration

Boston Homechoice information and registration form


Interment Application

Application For Interment


(305) 995-9566

Land charges collection form

Lawful development certificate existing use LDC191/LCD192

Online application for Lawful Development Certificate - existing use


Online application for Licence to Swim at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex


Online application for Listed Building/Conservation Area Consent


Online report form for littering

Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - Change of Promoter or Cancellation of Lottery Registration

Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - Application for Change of Promoter or Cancellation of Lottery Registration

Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - Return By Promoter

Application for Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - Return By Promoter


Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 - Society's (Model) Lottery Scheme

(504) 216-4008

Online application form to apply for registration under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976



Market Stall Booking Form for casual traders and Charity stalls

(773) 977-2059

Report your missed bin online


one to one Swimming Lesson

Online Application for swimming lessons at The Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex

Your application form has been sent electronically to the leisure complex and your details will be put on our waiting list for the next available 1-2-1 lessons. We will contact you as soon as space becomes available.

1-2-1 lessons take place in the leisure pool. Lessons last for 1/2 hour and you are allocated a 6-week course.

On your first lesson, you are asked to pay for two lessons up front. Should you need to cancel your 1-2-1 lesson, please do so, where possible before 10.00am on the day of the lesson. This will ensure your payment is transferred to the next week. Failure to cancel before 10.00am may result in your payment being lost.

If you have any questions relating to 1-2-1 swimming lesson please do not hesitate to contact the centre on 01205 363483.



Application for a Personal Licence

Photographic or Filming Equipment register

Online register for persons wishing to use Photographic or Filming Equipment at The Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex

(505) 275-3776

Planning and Building Control Household Enquiry Form

Planning Application Comments

All planning applications need to be publicised in at least one way by the Council and notified to a wide range of individuals, expert , representative bodies and other community groups. All those who might be affected by a planning application need to be able to have their say.

The publicity takes three forms:

A notice posted on the site
Individual letters to adjacent and/or nearby properties
Publication of a notice in a local newspaper
Which form(s) of publicity apply, is defined by legislation, but often supplmented voluntarily by the Council.

Planning Portal Application Form

Online Planning Application Form


Online form for requesting Pollution Control Information.


Online form to report comments on the maintenance and cleanliness of public conveniences.



Feedback from Quadrant Webcast


Racial Incident Report

Online form to report a racial incident


Online form to request recycling bags


Online form to register to use the online booking system For Football pitches or The Haven's Educational visits

Request for Bins for Commercial Waste

Online form to request bins for trade waste


General Request for Information

Revenues Enquiry Form

Revenues Enquiry Form


(407) 356-2196

Self Service Application Form

Street Furniture Fault Report Form

Online report form for faulty street furniture within the borough

Street Gullies Problem Report

Online form to report problems with street gullies

Sustainability Study of Rural Settlements - Consultation on Results

Sustainability Study of Rural Settlements Consultation October/November 2007


Online Application for swimming lessons at The Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex


Tenancy of Industrial Premises Application

Online Application for Tennancy fo industrial Premises

Trees - Application to carry out work

Online form for applications to carry out work on trees.


(432) 344-9924

Online form to report unlicensed street trading.


Welfare Benefit claim forms.

Library of over 50 downloadable benefit claim forms. Link to Department of Work and Pensions website

Wheeled Bin Missed Collection

Online form to report a missed collection of a wheeled bin


Application For Provision of Extra Wheeled Bins.

Work Permits.

Information and online work permit application forms.

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