who we are

We are socially motivated to remove the barriers to social mobility within apprenticeships.

Career Now is a not for profit organisation, which recognises that the advancement of careers through apprenticeships are becoming a more practical pathway to career success. Despite the increase in the number of apprenticeships available, there is a prevailing tendency for these opportunities to not be made readily available to all students fairly. As part of our ethos, we will empower students who aspire to achieve but are disadvantaged by their lack of support and low predetermined expectations.

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To reduce the connection between socio-economic upbringing and expectation, by offering a variety of services which will inspire students to kick-start their careers through an apprenticeship.


Student Mentoring Scheme

We assist students to realise their full potential, by providing regular 1-2-1 meetings with a mentor. This support will develop and equip young people with the necessary expertise to successfully make that transition from school-life to their chosen career.

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Student Innovation Scheme

Through our four-month project we aim to stimulate and enhance both leadership and interpersonal skills. This element focuses primarily on three core themes: collaborating with others; contributing to a community and managing a unique service.


Student Workshop Scheme

Fundamental workplace principles are reinforced during our monthly workshops. We highlight many practical and useful behaviours which position students strategically enabling them to maximise success in their future careers.

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