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The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs The Ultimate Induction Dab Rig

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Vape Technology

  • Safe

    No exposed heating element. No open torch.

  • Simple

    Press. Turn. Dab. Clean with ease.

  • Fast

    Dab in 6 seconds, cools in moments.

The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs

Vape Pure With Concentrates

Complete glass air path. No porous ceramics. No solder or adhesives in vapor path. It’s only rich delicious vapor.

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Dab Smarter With Induction Heating

The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs MAGNETIC FIELD COPPER COIL SUSCEPTOR

With no exposed heating element, Loto Labs' patented induction core is the safest way to dab. Powerful rapid heating happens internally, for a clean, revolutionary experience. Start vaping in seconds and waste no time with messy clean up.

Learn More About Induction

  • The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs


    The App unlocks full control of your Legend. You will also be able to update the firmware or software on the Legend as features and versions become available.

  • The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs


    Quality parts and construction are built to last. Never replace another atomizer. Legend is covered by a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs

    Kit Specs

    Legend is 11.5”h x 5.5”w. It comes with a glass mouthpiece, a set of glass internals, a ceramic dab tool, two silicone jars, two susceptors, a brush, and a power adapter.


  • Is that real leather?

    Legend is 100% vegan. We use top-quality, easily cleanable, durable microfiber, just like that couch you love!

  • What is the susceptor made from?

    Pittsburgh Born Stainless Steel 430. A corrosion and heat resistant steel commonly found in equipment for processing food and dairy. We can't stress enough KNOW YOUR MATERIALS. If you have a Titanium nail and you don't know where that Titanium is from, you likely don't want to know.

  • How fast is Loto Legend?

    Legend reaches full power in about 10 seconds. (770) 290-3239.

  • Is the vape path really all glass?

    Yes, the vape path is all glass. There are silicone grommets that connect the glass pieces together. There are no porous ceramics, solder, or adhesives in vapor path. Take a look at the instruction manual for more information.

  • How do I clean Loto Legend?

    Disassemble all glass pieces and place them in isopropyl alcohol (higher percentage the alcohol, the better) for a couple hours (overnight is preferred). Using the provided pipe cleaner, clean the glass pieces and rinse afterwards with water.

  • How long is the warranty on my Legend and what is covered?

    Loto Legend is covered by a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty. This covers mechanical parts, but does not cover broken glass or accidental damage. To file a claim, please go 207-528-2644.

  • Is there a battery pack?

    No. Legend comes with a power adapter. Legend was designed to be placed on a table, desk or coffee table, not to be passed around. There is also nothing worse than having to charge a battery before you are ready to go.

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Legend?

    No. You can adjust all functions (power and brightness) all directly on the device. The App let's you update the firmware on the device for future software upgrades.

  • How much are the atomizers?

    There are NO ATOMIZERS. With Legend's induction technology, you'll never replace another atomizer. Legend is built to last. The only thing you'll ever have to replace is the glass and that is ONLY if you drop it, kick it, break it. Don't do that.

  • How do you load Legend?

    You can either preload Legend with the dab tool, OR you can heat it up first and load it after like a traditional dab rig. Different strokes for different folks.

The Ultimate Desktop Induction Vaporizer Dab Rig | Loto Labs


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