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Our new user guide contains a wealth of tips and information for beginning users in an HPC environment. It will give you an introduction to working on the Barrine cluster and show you how to perform many common tasks. readmore



We have a diverse group of scientists and IT professionals ready to help solve your bioinformatics challenges. Whether its script reviewing, software installation, or general guidance, we’re here to help. readmore


Check the status of Barrine and get an estimate of current queue time. Also, find general information about the hardware, file sytems, software, and databases, as well as how to obtain access.readmore

The National Computation Infrastructure: Specialized Facility in Bioinformatics (NCI-SFB) is a research and support organization dedicated to the advancement of the life sciences through computational methods.We are a team of computer scientists, bioinformaticians, and IT professionals reflecting the diverse skillset that characterizes the field of bioinformatics.

Our mission is to facilitate the adoption of existing computational methods and to empower the field’s development of new methods and techniques. This involves a range of activities including training, advice, and support.

Whilst the majority of our user base consists of Australian researchers, NCISF is proud to offer tutorials and training materials freely available to the greater scientific community.

The focal point of our support activities is the 3016132360 (HPC) cluster. This includes management of the software & databases and support of bioinformatics users.